Top 10 in Jobs Across Clean Technologies

North Carolina is the Southeast’s leader in clean energy jobs. Not only does the Tar Heel state rank among the top 10 states in the country across clean energy categories such as solar energy, energy efficiency, and overall clean energy.

According to Clean Jobs North Carolina 2019 (downloadable PDF), the state’s clean energy jobs grew 3.5 percent last year – nearly double statewide employment growth (1.9%) —and now account for more than half of North Carolina’s entire energy sector workforce (212,172).  Clean vehicles led all sectors in growth, adding more than 1,000 jobs for a 19.5% growth rate.

Along with being a national pioneer in solar energy as the No 2. state for installed solar and No. 9 for jobs, North Carolina is fast becoming a powerhouse in energy efficiency as well with over 86,000 jobs – employing more workers in energy efficiency alone than 39 states do in all clean energy sectors.

Clean Energy Driving Pennsylvania’s Job Growth

Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector continued its strong growth trend in 2018, topping 90,000 employees for the first time and adding jobs five times faster than the overall state employment growth rate.

Led by one of the nation’s top energy efficiency industries and supported by burgeoning renewable energy and clean vehicle sectors, Pennsylvania has developed one of the strongest diversified clean economies in the country with rural communities benefiting right alongside the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas.

Since 2014, Pennsylvania has increased its workforce in clean technologies like renewables, energy efficiency, clean vehicles, storage, and grid modernization by nearly 60 percent – employing now twice as many workers as the state’s entire fossil fuel industry. This recent growth over the past several years has put Pennsylvania within 4,400 jobs of overtaking Virginia as the No. 10 state in the U.S. for clean energy employment.

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Transition

New Jersey’s is on the verge of an economic boom in clean energy.

With nearly 52,000 jobs statewide in fields such as renewables, clean vehicles manufacturing, and energy efficiency, New Jersey’s clean energy economy employs more than giants like UPS (19,000 workers), Wal-Mart (17,405), and Verizon (15,000) combined.

According to the 2019 Clean Jobs New Jersey (downloadable PDF), New Jersey ranks ninth in renewable energy jobs, ninth in solar jobs, sixth in geothermal jobs, sixth in bioenergy, and seventh in low-impact hydro jobs among all U.S. States. The state’s clean economy also enjoys one of the highest employment rates of veterans, accounting for 13.3 % of all clean energy workers. While 40,000 clean jobs are located in the New York metro area (which ranks second in the U.S.), all 21 counties in the state employ workers in clean energy with 15 counties home to more than 1,000.

Leading the Northeast Clean Energy Transition

Massachusetts’ clean energy economy is open for business.

With nearly 120,000 jobs statewide in fields such as renewables, clean vehicles manufacturing, and energy efficiency, the Commonwealth’s clean energy economy employs more than giants like Partners Healthcare (around 60,000 workers), the University of Massachusetts (25,000), and Stop & Shop (20,000).

According to the 2019 Clean Jobs Massachusetts analysis (downloadable PDF) Massachusetts ranks seventh for total clean jobs among all U.S. States, includingsecond in solar energy behind only California. In fact, Massachusetts’ strong solar energy industry employs over 50% more workers than the third ranked state (New York). While over 82,000 Massachusetts clean jobs are in the Boston metro area (which ranks fourth in the U.S.), 29% of the state’s jobs are outside Boston.

Clean Jobs Rise in the Empire State

Encompassing nearly 150,000 jobs, New York’s booming clean energy economy employs more New Yorkers than giants like Northwell Health (around 54,000 workers), Mount Sinai Health System (32,000) and Walmart (28,000).

According to the 2019 Clean Jobs New York analysis (downloadable PDF) of energy jobs data by the national nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), New York’s clean energy economy now ranks in the nation’s top 10 for jobs in energy efficiency (No. 3), solar (No. 3), advanced transportation (No. 9), and wind (No. 10).

While New York City has the second most clean energy jobs in the U.S. with more than 96,000, behind only Los Angeles, clean energy’s impact reaches far beyond New York’s major metropolitan areas. One out of every seven clean energy workers are employed counties with population below 300,000 while 9,500 jobs are in the state’s rural areas.

Midwest Clean Energy Jobs Grow Faster Than Rest of Nation

Clean energy is a major employer in the Midwest with 737,031 jobs. In 2018, the industry added more than 28,000 jobs.

That’s a 4 percent growth rate, and it’s more than the industry’s national growth rate of 3.6 percent. Energy efficiency continues to be the largest Midwestern clean energy employer; the sector is home to 70 percent of all the region’s clean energy jobs. Thousands of different Midwestern companies and establishments hire clean energy workers in any given year. Combined, these employers anticipate adding more than 51,000 clean energy jobs in 2019 — a 7 percent growth rate.

32,211 Clean Energy Jobs Across Nevada

According to the 2019 Clean Jobs Nevada analysis (downloadable PDF) of energy jobs data by the national nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), Nevada’s clean energy economy exploded in 2018 — adding nearly 8,000 jobs and making the state no. 1 clean energy job growth (32.4%).

Overall, clean energy jobs totaled more than 32,000 at the end of 2018, with the biggest benefactor being Storey County near Reno, home to Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant. More than 8,100 Nevadans now work in clean energy in Storey County – giving it the highest density of clean energy jobs in the country, with 2,300 jobs per 1,000 employable residents.

In every region and every state in America, clean energy is creating jobs and careers.

According to the 2019 Clean Jobs America analysis of energy jobs data by the national nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), nearly every U.S. state saw an increase in clean energy jobs in 2018, combining to add about 110,000 net new jobs for a growth rate of 3.6 percent.

Overall, clean energy jobs totaled more than 3.26 million at the end of 2018, growing despite the impact of the Trump administration’s tariffs on solar panels and market uncertainty from the administration’s inaction and planned rollbacks of energy efficiency and clean vehicles policies. Clean jobs outnumber fossil fuels jobs nearly three to one (3.26M to 1.17M) and clean energy employers said they anticipate 6 percent job growth for 2019.

Poised to Build On Clean Energy Success in 2019

More than 55,000 Oregonians work in the state’s clean energy sector. Policies like the Renewables Portfolio Standard, Clean Fuels Program and Coal to Clean are driving local development of infrastructure projects like solar arrays and wind farms. All this economic activity is fueling private-sector job growth. Oregon’s rural clean energy workforce is robust, and the state ranksNo. 14 nationally in solar jobs—this despite a population of just 4 million. But Oregon’s clean energy sector is just warming up. Additional job opportunities and clean energy markets remain untapped. To stay competitive in a rapidly shifting energy market—and to take full advantage of the clean energy job creation happening at the state, regional and national levels—the Oregon legislature should pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill during the 2019 legislative session.

Living up to the Evergreen Name

When it comes to clean energy jobs, the Evergreen State is beginning to live up to its nickname according to Clean Jobs Washington 2018. More than 82,800 Washingtonians now work in clean energy—wind, solar, energy efficiency and related industries. That makes the clean energy industry a bigger employer in the state than Boeing (around 65,800 employees), Microsoft (46,000) or Amazon (50,000).

1.8 Million Jobs and Growing in Top 50 US Metros

Which U.S. cities are leading America’s clean energy jobs boom? E2’s Clean jobs Cities 2018 took a look across the country and ranked America’s Top 50 metro areas for clean jobs. These metro areas now employ 1.8 million workers in clean energy technologies, accounting for more than one out of every two clean energy jobs in the country – which alone outnumbers the fossil fuel industry by around 700,000.

Harnessing Offshore Wind Energy Could Triple the Amount Of Wind Energy Jobs in Five Atlantic Coast States and Add $3.6 Billion To The Economy

The U.S. offshore wind industry is poised for substantial growth, thanks to falling costs and increasing recognition by state and federal policy makers that there are tremendous economic benefits in harnessing clean, renewable energy offshore.

BW Research, on behalf of E2, found that if each of the five states below added an average-sized offshore wind energy farm (352 MW) nearly 25,000 construction and operational jobs would be created up and down the eastern seaboard. The Department of Interior is developing lease sales for a strong pipeline of projects in this region—28 in total—which could equal 23,735 MW of new generating capacity, which if all developed would result in tens of thousands of more jobs and added economic benefits for those states.

America's Job Powerhouse

Whether it’s new efficient technologies spurring brand new companies or established businesses expanding, America’s job growth is being powered by energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency Jobs in America 2018 found that energy efficiency added the most new jobs in 2017 of the entire energy sector. Its workers now outnumber elementary and middle school teachers and are nearly double those in U.S. law enforcement. In fact, there are now as many energy efficiency workers as there are waitstaff in U.S. bars and restaurants.

America's Preeminent Clean Jobs Champion

When it comes to clean energy jobs in America, no state does more than California— accounting for more than 1 out of 7 US clean energy jobs nationally and nearly a third of renewable energy jobs alone. According to E2’s 2018 Clean Jobs California report, the state supports more renewable energy jobs than the next top 7 states combined and has twice as many jobs in energy efficiency as the #2 state (Texas).

Top 5 States: Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin

The 2018 Clean Jobs Midwest report highlights the growing importance of the region in America’s transition to renewable energy — finding more than 714,000 Midwesterners now work in clean energy industries (more than 4X those in fossil fuels and employing more than all the waiters and waitresses, computer programmers, lawyers and web developers in the Midwest combined.

Powering Economic Revival

Led by one of the nation’s strongest energy efficiency markets, E2’s 2018 Clean Jobs Pennsylvania report finds there are more than 86,000 clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania across all 67 counties — the 11th most clean jobs among all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Strength and Parity of Wind and Solar Jobs Highlights State's Massive Potential

Led by one of the nation’s strongest solar and wind energy markets, E2’s 2018 Clean Jobs Colorado report finds there are nearly 58,000 clean energy jobs in Colorado across all 64 counties — including more jobs in renewable energy than all but 6 U.S. states.

With Nearly 6% Growth, Rural Clean Energy Jobs In Midwest States Are Outpacing Overall Job Growth Economy-Wide

Clean energy creates jobs, supports local tax bases and infrastructure development, while providing new opportunities for farmers—driving economic benefits that are becoming ever more apparent. In rural communities facing economic challenges, investments in wind, solar, and energy efficiency are growing. This report from E2 focuses on one part of America – the rural Midwest – that exemplifies the growth in clean energy jobs in rural areas nationwide.

Powering Job Growth Across U.S.

Clean energy is powering job growth in America. Clean jobs count: Nearly 3.2 million Americans now go to work each and every day in solar, wind, energy efficiency, clean vehicles and other clean energy jobs.

600,000 Jobs in Americas Heartland and Growing Fast!

Explore the interactive Clean Jobs Midwest website and the 2017 Clean Jobs Midwest report to learn more about the 600,000 clean energy jobs in the 12-state region. Led by energy efficiency, Midwest clean energy jobs grew about five times faster than jobs in other sectors, according to research by E2 and Clean Energy Trust.

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