Clean Jobs Count is a property of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) and respects your right to privacy. E2 does not collect any information from you without your knowledge and permission and does not sell, trade or otherwise distribute any information you provide us through our website to anyone outside of Clean Jobs Count or E2.

Clean Jobs Count does not send information about events, projects, or actions sponsored by groups other than Clean Jobs Count or E2.

In order to access some of the tools and functions of the Clean Jobs Count website, such as our reports and resources, you may need to enter some identifying information. E2 does not disclose this information to anyone except 1) to identify you to those you contact through our website pledge and email communications, and 2) to manage our website and database. Information you provide here is stored in a secure location and is accessible only by designated staff who are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.


We collect and maintain name, address, and contact information for people who sign on to the Clean Jobs Count pledge or participate in our events and activities.


You can request to review and update the information we have on record for you at any time by contacting us at