Stay Tuned – Clean Energy Job Numbers for Your Industry, State, and District

Check here later THIS SPRING for detailed research on energy jobs in America – and in your state and neighborhood, including:

  • Overall job numbers
  • Growth trends by state and industry
  • State, county, and district-level job maps
  • Interactive breakdowns by state
  • Comparison data for clean energy jobs vs fossil fuel jobs
  • Top states and counties for clean energy jobs
  • State-specific factsheets and infographics

The jobs research is being spearheaded by the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), Energy Futures Initiative, E2 and others. It builds on the Department of Energy’s now-cancelled US Energy Employment Report (USEER) and also on past and ongoing clean jobs research by E2 and its partners, including 2016 Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report, Clean Jobs America 2017 report, and the Clean Jobs Midwest report the past three years running.

Check out the Clean Jobs America factsheet on this page to catch up on the most up-to-date job numbers or visit the Resources page for a list of all our state and industry reports.