Clean energy is now driving growth and employment in every state, county, city, and district in America.

  • There are as many energy efficiency workers as there are waiters and waitresses in America’s bars and restaurants.
  • There are now as many clean energy workers as there are school teachers in America.
  • Renewable energy workers outnumber workers in agriculture, fishing, and forestry industries.
  • There are more solar energy workers in the U.S. than firefighters and pharmacists.
  • Clean energy jobs are local jobs that cannot be outsourced.
  • America has nearly 3X more clean energy jobs than fossil fuel jobs
  • Clean energy means jobs for veterans. 10.1% of all clean energy workers (more than 325,000) are veterans

Use the map and drop down options below to see how clean energy jobs are spread out across the country, including in the different industries that make up the clean energy economy.